Blogging Experience

weird science

This year has been so much different than any other year in my life. And something new that I did was blogging. Blogging is actually so much more than I ever expected it to be. It allows me to express my thoughts, talk about the things that interest me, and connect to the global conversation in a way that’s way more interesting than anything else.

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During the last few weeks of school on my English class we have been doing a debate like activity called a BRAWL. We were supposed to get into groups of three or four and come up with a team name, ours being The Oxymorons. Others in my group were thinking of names like Jumbo Shrimp and Speed Walkers and from that I came up with our name. There were two rounds to the BRAWL and each round had two different people from the group going up against two other people from a different group. Each round every group had to come up with two questions about “All Quiet on the Western Front” , then ten questions from all the groups would chosen for the BRAWL. We all talked about the questions in class, but I made both questions for the second round.

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Central Art


Last weekend I put on an art show/gala to display the art of students from my school. A little more than ten students submitted art and there were twenty-one pieces of art. The show was at a large park, but specifically, one central area that had rows of benches that I put the art on.

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I love this blog post as well as all of the photos! Fashion is such a wonderful art and a great way to express yourself. It is a very big part of my life as well and I enjoy it very much. Boho and Grunge are two of my favorite styles, and although I wouldn’t describe my style in any specific way, you can see elements of these two in my everyday clothing. Style from the 80s and 90s is where some of my fashion sense comes from as well. I express myself through my clothing and I also just love fashion in general.

A Maze of Aysia

I know you might be thinking Taylor Swift because of the title of this post, but this is about fashion styles. Who knows, I might just add a little bit of the T.Swift into my topic for this blog. (:

The fashion world has been developing and revamping itself throughout the ages. Many of the different outfits worn today are just old styles from different eras in time, and were recreated. You might be familiar with grunge, boho, and beach chic, which have been around the fashion world for a while. Sometimes the multiple options make it hard to choose from, when picking out your perfect OOTD.

Fashion is like a theme to a book for many people. A theme usually sums up the deeper meaning that the author was portraying throughout the whole novel. Style is the theme that illustrates who you are through clothes.The many styles express how…

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road…


The Wizard of Oz, a movie that probably about 90% of us have seen. From when you first watch it, to maybe even now, it may seem like a harmless movie with singing, and happiness, and the occasional melting witch. Just a normal Hollywood film based off of a classic novel right? Wrong. This story has many more symbols, hidden ideas, and themes.

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channel ORANGE


Music. An important and influential part of everybody’s life. Artists and listeners are both effected by the message and sensation music gives them. Music is an art that deserves as much attention to detail as a painting or even a novel. It combines instruments, lyrics, and emotion to form beautiful pieces of art. channel ORANGE is an album by the one and only Frank Ocean. Frank is the definition of a musician, an artist. He can tell a story through his lyrics and music, and also put out a message or talk about his life through the lyrics and instrumentals. This was his first studio album, but he has released mix tapes such as nostalgia, ULTRA. It has been said to be a concept album, telling the story of his life and his first love.

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Fighting Through the Pain


“Ten miles.” Two words I’m all too used to. The day I joined cross country/ track I knew I was in for it. To any normal person running is something they’re forced to do, something they hate. Well running is something I love. Running till my legs tingle, till I can barely walk, till I clear my mind. I cannot imagine my life without running.

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The Golden Years


I recently joined track for the upcoming season. Each year it’s a new start with brand new girls and new expectations. This year I didn’t know very many of my teammates and I was worried I wouldn’t be accepted on the team. But that soon changed when I became very close with a new freshman and a returning cross country runner. On our first meet her and I sat together on the bus ride back. There was an 80s song playing on the bus speakers that I began to sing to and she did as well. We soon realized that both of us knew several 80s songs because of our parents. The rest of the bus ride we listened to the 80s radio on pandora and we both knew every song that came on. We did the same thing on the next bus ride and also at school. It’s fascinating how the 80s are still prominent in our society thirty years later. This decade has definitely been an influence in my life with several of my favorite things coming from the era. Here are some of my favorite and some popular 80s traditions and pop culture.

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TV Shows

Whenever I have free time you can catch me watching television. I rarely ever watch television shows on actual TV, but rather on my phone or computer. I watch most TV shows on the very popular, Netflix. I have blown through many shows in the past few months due to binge-watching whenever I can. Throughout the shows I’ve watched I have a few favorites including American Horror Story, Castle, and Gossip Girl.

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